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I work with individuals, teams and across organisations or communities to help you deliver impossible results. Over the last 25 years this has included working with large corporations, entrepreneurs, sports professionals and charities, as well as large-scale projects such as the 2012 Olympics. I am a Non-Executive Director of EMMY and BAFTA-winning visual effects company Jellyfish Pictures, and a writer and speaker on issues ranging from leadership, to flexible thinking and the dynamics of conversation. My first book was 'Blamestorming: Why Conversations Go Wrong and How to Fix Them', and 'Workstorming' will be published this year. Do also visit www.conversationexpert.com


Work has included the following:

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"I’d like to thank you for your personal support for myself, my team and the Post Office. We touch so many communities and customers across the UK and your efforts have helped us to remain relevant and vibrant during challenging times."

Gary Hockey-Morley
Marketing Director
The Post Office
Thursday 7th April 2016

Workstorming – September 2016

Cover (1)Workstorming will be published by Watkins in September 2016. Further information will follow.

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Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Recent articles and publications

Blamestorming is now in print in Hungarian and Korean. Foreign editions will also be published in China and Brazil during... Read More »

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Tuesday 8th September 2015

Cosmo article Sep 2015

An article on small talk was published in Cosmopolitan in September... Read More »

Monday 18th May 2015

Against the odds

I was thrilled to meet Sir Jackie Stewart - three times F1 world champion - at a recent Laing O'Rourke safety conference. Not only... Read More »

Saturday 24th January 2015

Psychologies article

This article first appeared in the November 2014 copy of Psychologies... Read More »

Thursday 26th June 2014

Choice and motivations

While climbing the ladder of success, it's easy to ignore the uncomfortable idea that we might be climbing the wrong ladder. Take this example:... Read More »

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Thursday 2nd January 2014

The politics of asking and telling

‘He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.’ So said George Bernard Shaw, and... Read More »

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Sunday 3rd November 2013

The 1st hour of your day

I read an article recently claiming that great leaders never spend the first hour of their working day reading their emails. The... Read More »

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Saturday 27th July 2013

Would the real Roddy Doyle step forward

A study of 400 companies by employee assessment firm Cognisco estimated that misunderstandings between workers and managers cost firms $37bn a year.... Read More »

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Sunday 19th May 2013

Dreamers and lone nuts

What characterises great leaders? TE Lawrence seemed to hit the spot when he referred to them as 'dreamers of the day'. How so? Without exception,... Read More »

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Tuesday 1st January 2013

New year’s resolution

I once asked a senior manager what his role was, and he told me he was a 'professional meeting attender'. What he... Read More »

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