Wider team

These people are outstanding in their respective fields of expertise, and can contribute to specific projects or initiatives:

Dr. Rob Archer began his career working for the Foreign Office and as a consultant before re-training and founding the Career Psychologist. Rob is a world-leading expert on stress and sustaining high performance, and has worked with elite athletes and in Formula 1.

Sally Kendall has a background in media, television and PR, supporting the delivery of global music events. She worked in all aspects of production, including liaison with artists, and post-production.

Simon Wilsher co-founded the Wilsher Group in 1989. Since then he has worked with Richard Branson and many other innovative thinkers and leaders. He developed C-me, an outstanding tool that enables leaders to understand their strengths and bring the best out of their people.

Nick Andrews has worked in a highly diverse mix of businesses including mining, engineering, oil and gas, aviation, insurance, shipping, construction and logistics.  He’s worked extensively throughout Europe, North America and South Africa.