Wider team

These people are outstanding in their respective fields of expertise, and can contribute to specific projects or initiatives:

Rob Archer began his career working for the Foreign Office and as a consultant before re-training as an occupational psychologist. He has founded the Career Psychologist and co-founded Bloom Psychology, and is a frequent speaker at international events. Rob’s career highlight was teaching a dog to dance on Channel 4’s Faking It.

Sally Kendall has a background in media, television and PR, supporting the delivery of global music events. She worked in all aspects of production – including liaison with artists – and post-production.

Simon Wilsher co-founded the Wilsher Group in 1989. Since then he has worked with Richard Branson and many other innovative thinkers and leaders. The Wilsher Group have developed an outstanding set of tools that enable leaders to understand their strengths and bring the best out of their people.

Nick Andrews is a co-founder and partner of Great Performance Group and has worked in a highly diverse mix of businesses including mining, engineering, oil and gas, aviation, insurance, shipping, construction and logistics.  He’s worked extensively throughout Europe, North America and South Africa.