How Well Do You Know What Motivates You?

Simple steps to fulfilling your potential Over the last 20 years, I’ve asked thousands of people what motivates them and the reply – more often than not – is surprisingly vague. I find this curious because understanding motivations is a requirement for anyone who wants to be fulfilled and effective in their professional and personal life. Take the example of Ravi who

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The Secret to Being Present in a Conversation

The fact that we’re ‘not talking’ doesn’t mean we’re listening. When someone’s speaking, we can be preoccupied with our to-do list, mull on better ways to spend our time, or compose our weekly shopping list. While we may be physically present, we’re mentally in another universe. Instead of having a conversation, we have a nonversation. When this happens, we’re in

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How to Avoid Misunderstandings

In a study of 400 companies, employee assessment firm Cognisco estimated that misunderstandings between workers and managers cost firms $37 billion a year. On average, businesses with 100,000 employees lose a staggering $62 million a year through misunderstandings, at an average cost of $624 per employee. This figure excluded reputational costs such as reduced customer satisfaction and the impact on

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