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How to Manage Your Emotions

The life lesson we should have been taught at school. We all suffer from emotional overreactions. In the heat of the moment we say something to a person we love without stopping to consider the shockwaves. Or we blast off an email and wonder why we didn’t sleep on it before pressing ‘Send’. Our emotions spill over and, by the

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The route through my professional life has not been traditional or linear.  I worked with amputees at the age of 18 in India, before completing a degree in English at the University of York and becoming a professional artist with work sold in 24 countries. I’ve spent the last 25 years studying the art and practice of conversation. During this

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Over the last 25 years I have worked with leaders, managers and staff in over 70 organisations on five continents. My job is to support you in delivering on your commitments, without losing yourself in the process. Areas of focus include: Helping you invent a bold future and strategy for your team or organisation that people are passionate about delivering Developing

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What people say

“As the CEO of 55,000 staff, I have valued Rob’s partnership at defining moments in our history that have helped us shape our view of the future. He knows how to have meaningful conversations that move life instead of talking about life.” Julian Roberts – Group CEO, Old Mutual Group “In all the interactions Rob has had with me and

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Wider team

These people are outstanding in their respective fields of expertise, and can contribute to specific projects or initiatives: Rob Archer began his career working for the Foreign Office and as a consultant before re-training as an occupational psychologist. He has founded the Career Psychologist and co-founded Bloom Psychology, and is a frequent speaker at international events. Rob’s career highlight was

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