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The following article by Anna Davies, based on an interview with Rob, was published by on 23 September 2014: Why Conversations Go Wrong and How to Fix Them Asking a boss for a promotion, talking through a major relationship issue, or telling your super self-involved friend that you’re feeling a little neglected. Feel a little shiver of dread even thinking

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The Art of Small Talk

The following article was featured in GQ on 11 July 2014: Small talk. We all have to do it. We all dread that awkward silence when we’ve asked how he/she is and commented on the weather. High-profile figures are no less exempt: this weekend reports emerged of an awkward encounter between Samuel L Jackson and Victoria Beckham in the Royal Box at

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How we make Inferences

What are inferences? When we’re engaged in conversation, we use inferences to fill in missing information that isn’t explicitly stated by the other person. Inferences help us to make sense of what we are hearing, but can also lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Why are inferences important to the way we communicate? When we are reading text, we usually have

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